A late Winter storm rolls in over Vernazza in the Cinque Terre region of northern Italy.  A long exposure allowed the camera to capture reflections on the ocean from the village lights. Jared Ropelato_01_imagine_earthscapes
Heavy low lying clouds in Yosemite National Park allow for separation of the lone tree from the dark granite in the background as a boulder wedges to separate the spire from the rest of the cliff. Jared Ropelato_02_imagine_earthscapes
A nearly five minute expsosure shows a late October storm rolling in over Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Jared Ropelato_03_imagine_earthscapes
The mysteries of the Race Track in Death Valley National Park seems even more so when shot under a full moon at 2am. Jared Ropelato_04_imagine_earthscapes
Pine Beetles have decimated the trees on the shores of Lake McDonals in Glacier National Park.  There is still plenty of beauty to be found here however, as the sun ignites them each morning. Jared Ropelato_05_imagine_earthscapes
Dramatic side lighting after sunset accentuates the well known and well worn Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah. Jared Ropelato_06_imagine_earthscapes
The far side of Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park offers untracked sand, and every once in a while, amazing sunsets. Jared Ropelato_07_imagine_earthscapes
The beautiful falls of Silver Springs State Park offer an almost Jurrassic experience, especially in late Spring. Jared Ropelato_08_imagine_earthscapes
A late Winter Storm shows why the residents of Manarolla only summer here.  The region of Cinque Terre in Northern Itally offer several views such as this one while hiking local park paths. Jared Ropelato_09_imagine_earthscapes
Late sun shines on the cliffs of Cape Kiwanda and illuminates crashing waves as fog rolls in over the distant hills. Jared Ropelato_10_imagine_earthscapes
While millions of people each year come to visit the world famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, across the Bay, another beautiful Bridge begs to be photographed as well.  Here, the Bay Bridge stands stoic between receeding waves and glowing clouds. Jared Ropelato_11_imagine_earthscapes
One of the longest lasting and most famouns structures of all time, the Roman Colosseum looms almost too large to be photograhed.  Here, a small section of this prolific ruin is used to frame the color of surrounding buildings. Jared Ropelato_12_imagine_earthscapes
Mossbrae Falls in Northern California is lens bending in size, but sometimes there is plenty of detail and beauty when looking at just part of the whole. Jared Ropelato_13_imagine_earthscapes
The Magic Hour is the sweet spot of the day for photographers for sure, but the strong light of late afternoon works well when shooting black and white, especially in a place like Mesquite Sand Dunes which offer such smooth flowing lines. Jared Ropelato_14_imagine_earthscapes
Photography is all about light.  There are advantages to shooting in a studio because of the controll offered over lighting.  Here, the Golden Gate Bridge gets some studio style lighting as a hazy fog cloud hangs on Angel Island and creates extra wonderful sunrise lighting. Jared Ropelato_15_imagine_earthscapes
Graphic design and photography have often been somewhat linked.  Looking straight up and using straight on lighting at Double Arch in Arches National Park for hours in the middle of the light shows that connection. Jared Ropelato_15_imagine_earthscapes6_imagine_earthscapes
It's most productive days gone by, Davenport Pier is now a haven for offshore birds and photographers. Jared Ropelato_17_imagine_earthscapes
While most people spend their time on the South and Western sides of Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor on the North Eastern side offers some of the best the lake has to offer. Jared Ropelato_18_imagine_earthscapes
McWay Falls spills onto the Beach at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park as the sun does it's best to paint a pastel goodnight to the trees and sky. Jared Ropelato_19_imagine_earthscapes
While summer offers mostly blue skies at Lake Tahoe, Ca, Spring storms can mix up some amazing conditions to photograph. Jared Ropelato_20_imagine_earthscapes
A slight re-edit of a shot from last June down near Carmel.  Summers on the coast often leave something to be desired for photographers.  I'm REALLY looking forward to shooting it this winter though!  Cheers! Lone Cypress
This shot goes out to my friend Javier, who just increased the size of his family by one late last night.  Cheers to him and his family, and welcome to the world Alec!  

The San Francisco Bay is a special place.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s special.  I had a friend and college shoot me an email about trying to get out of a photographic funk and coming back off a hiatus.  He was specifically asking me for ideas regarding motivation.  “where do you go when you need to be inspired?” he asked me.  The list of places which would qualify for me is long indeed, and the geography that list would cover is vast.  But living where we do, there’s no place like SF to provide endless possibilities.  
Whether your preference is photographing people, architecture, landscapes, icons of the globe, or a study on what happens when man and nature meet, there is no place like it.  
I have traveled to this spot at least 7 times attempting to catch fog like this, each time the fog being too high with zero visibility.  Last week, on my birthday, I finally was able to witness this event first hand.  If you’ve never stood in the Marin Headlands and looked out towards San Francisco swallowed up in an ocean of fog… well, I don’t know what to tell you besides you’re missing out. Somewhere Out There
Shoshone Falls is 212 ft tall.  

It seems higher when you are standing in the river at cliff's edge peering over to see the bottom.  

If you've ever been to a gargantuan falls, you know that the roar of the water rushing over is deafening.  People have nicknamed this falls the "Niagra of the West", and it's plenty fitting.  

I got pretty wet and muddy getting to this vantage point, and I'm sure I could’ve gotten into some trouble for doing so, but I'd gladly do it again.  The adrenaline in situations like this is insane, the sensory overload awe-inspiring, and the satisfaction when walking away keeps a smile on my face for days.  

I love landscape photography because it necessitates me being out in nature so often.  It doesn't get more "in" than this.  

Cheers and happy 2012 to all my photogs out there.  I hope to see you out here, at the precipice, as often as possible.  

-jared ropelato To the Edge, Shoshone Falls, Idaho
I miss the coast.  I'd better get back there soon.  Cheers. Sinking Dog Rock, Bandon, Oregon
Just back from a fantastic long weekend in Aptos near Santa Cruz with my Wife.   It was a birthday gift from her actually to be able to spend some quality time and also to be in a place so conducive to photography.  What a fantastic gift!  
I originally wanted to hit up Cripps beach or maybe even Davenport Pier again, but I wasn’t too keen on the idea of my wife following me down any ropes, so I stuck to some safer locals.   One spot I’ve wanted to hit for quite some time is the Crack in Davenport.  This spot has been PUT TO SLEEP by some seriously talented photographers, and I wanted a chance to put my spin on it.  
It was great to see this baby in person, as always, it was much larger in person than it seems in photographs, which always seems to be the case with photographs.  In the era of super-wides, perspective and scale get all mussed up.  Anywho, I was following in the footsteps of some giants who had put their stamp on this bad mama jama - Jim Patterson, Jave,  James Wang etc, and I wanted to do it justice.  
Upon arrival, I scoped, scouted, goofed off a bit and then got down to business.   I had the great fortune of running into a few great people and flickr contacts as well, which is always a bonus when shooting a killer spot.  I bumped into Wilsonand  Aaron M, and I think Willie was there too.  I think Wilson said it, it’s always interesting meeting people you know via some social network and then happening upon them in real life.  It was a pleasure meeting you all, and I’m sure we’ll end up at the same spectacle of nature again soon.  Cheers to all, and happy shooting.  –jared r. Following Footsteps, The Crack
There’s something about this ship.  Obviously right, or why would it still be there and why would there have been a pier built extending to it?  But maybe more than a place to stop and snap a touristy photo, there is a draw here.  There is an enchantment that begs one to keep looking, keep surveying, and not to simply hop back in the car and head on to the next coastal attraction.  There’s a lasting story here, and something tells me there are a couple more chapters to be written.  Maybe it’s just me?  Cheers.  –jared r. Many Days, Cement Ship Redo
A slow shutter smooths the evening waves at Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz as the last light of the day splashes a little color in the sky. Take Me There, Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz

Shot is facing inward, towards the east as the sun just friggin’ cooked the undersides of these clouds, remnants from a week long storm.  I headed out as far as I could on some stacks and tried to find a place to shoot that had a pleasing fg and some wave action I could catch. 

Anyway, we can’t always catch light like this, so I really appreciate it when I can.  Hope you like it.  Cheers.  

–jared r. 
Leave Me Where the Light Is
There's just nothing else quite like it... Awake from Dream
We all go tough times.  We all have highs and lows.  We lean, or brace; we offer support.   It’s different for everyone, and it’s the same for everyone.  I took this photo in the mist of something like that.  It gave me focus during a hazy time.  It was fleeting, but it helped.  I hope photography does the same for all of you.  –jared ropelato. Moment of Clarity, Lake Tahoe, Ca
This one goes out to my dad.  There's some rough water ahead, but he's a rock. Here Comes the Storm, Lake Tahoe
Light like this just doesn't always happen.  I wish it did. My Field of Dreams
Abstract Reflection Merced River